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Welcome to the web site of the IPMS Hornchurch Model Club


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The club is held on the 3rd Monday of the month, starting at about 7:30pm and usually ends at about 10:30.  Refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) are provided.  Except for your first visit we charge 4 to attend each meeting this is to cover the hire of the hall and refreshments, there is no annual subscription fee.

The club currently consists of about 30 members, having a broad cross section of modelling interests from aircraft (civil and military), armour, cars and science fiction.

Why Sticky Fingers?  This is the name of our monthly newsletter and as a title seemed quite appropriate.  The newsletter covers what is happening next month, a list of forthcoming shows, reports on shows attended, competition results and anything else that the membership wish to contribute.


May 2016 Sticky Fingers - Bring Your Modelling Passion - Talk About Why

April 2016 Sticky Fingers - Competition 1st Round + Bring your older models

March 2016 Sticky Fingers - "Show & Tell" + Modelling

February 2016 Sticky Fingers - AGM

January 2016 Sticky Fingers - Modeller of the Year Competiton

December 2015 Sticky Fingers - Quiz & Nibbles

November 2015 Sticky Fingers - Competition Evening Round 4

October 2015 Sticky Fingers - Spitfire Video & Modelling

September 2015 Sticky Fingers -Competition Evening Round 3

August 2015 Sticky Fingers -Modelling Evening

Essex Modellers Show 2015 - Sunday July 26th

July 2015 Sticky Fingers -Modelling Evening

June 2015 Sticky Fingers -Competition Evening - Round 2

May 2015 Sticky Fingers -Video Evening

April 2015 Sticky Fingers -Competition Evening - Round 1

March 2015 Sticky Fingers -Southern Expo Display Run Through and Modelling evening

January 2015 Sticky Fingers -"Modeller of the Year Competition"

December 2014 Sticky Fingers - quiz & nibbles